About Page

Ahmed Nashaat is a student at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), studying to become an accountant and financial advisor.

He has always loved working with numbers and helping people manage their finances better. With a nose for news on finance, business, and technology, he launched this website to help regular people get good financial advice in order to:

  • Obtain credible, independent financial advice
  • Prepare for the proverbial rainy day, whether an emergency situation or debt payment
  • Meet their financial and tax obligations on time
  • Plan well for their retirement and enjoy the fruits of their decades-long labor
  • Avoid the pitfalls of common financial mistakes

He is driven by stories of high-profile celebrities and companies that faced issues with their taxes, were dealt with by the IRS, and ended up in dire financial situations. He has often wondered: if these rich, popular personalities can be weighed down by costly errors and missteps in their finances, what more could happen to ordinary Americans who are simply trying to make ends meet?

For him, good financial planning begins with a few simply yet powerful steps, including tracking one’s expenses, establishing a budget and sticking to it, staying debt-free, and creating short-term and long-term goals for one’s finances. He suggests starting small: save a modest amount regularly and harness the power of compounding so one’s investment can grow exponentially.

Ahmed Nashaat believes in what American author, entrepreneur, and life coach Tony Robbins said: “You either master money, or, on some level, money masters you.”

When not crunching numbers, he goes out with his friends, watches movies, reads books, plays soccer, and enjoys the beaches and hiking trails of Southern California.